All Die Cut Parts Aren’t The Same.

Ours meet your requirements.

A state of the art in-house R&T(Reliability & Testing) lab to facilitate accurate testing and promote high quality precision products under one roof.

As a clientele centric company, A2G is insistent on customer satisfaction. Our proficiency in the field in concordance with our convoluted equipments, We accomplish the industry standard for our entire range of products with our robust system and process.


We manufacture all varieties of labels in align with customer needs and requirement. Some of the labels are PC labels, PVC Labels, Polyster labels, Vineyl labels, Doom labels , void labels , Polymide labels, UL certified labels & caution labels.

Membrane switches

We Provide Membrane Switch that are thin and flexible have a Long Actuation life with Customized Design with Various Textures on the whole surface or selective with Clear Window for Displays are Aesthetically Appealing, with LED /EL Incorporation.

Machine parts

We manufacture machine parts for the specification given by the customers with materials such as Gp, FR etc.


"Insulation materials"

We Convert complete range Insulation materials to the customer requirement, some of the insulation materials which we convert are formex, Nomax, Mylar, Capton.


"Thermal management materials &EMI RF shielding"

We Design & convert complete range of thermal management materials and EMI RF shielding to the customer specification.



At A2G, we don’t just convert flexible materials. We help manufacturers solve problems – whether that be buzz, squeak and rattle, noise, vibration and harshness, sealing out air, moisture or chemicals, or simply finding a better solution to integrate our part into your process. As our brand promise states, “we make doing business easy” – in any way we can.

Ready to work with an experienced materials converter that can help you solve your application issues?

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